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International Waendel Walk

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When: 18 May 2024 at 3:00 pm

This performance for International Waendel Walk had Rock Choir members from the Northampton AM & PM Higham Ferrers Market Harborough choirs. Leading them, was their fantastic choir leader Dave Easter. Some members were appearing onstage for the first time with the choir. Dave was immensely pleased with the performance and that everyone was getting to perform in the local community. This was FREE to attend.

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We can’t quite remember what the weather was doing on the day but everyone was happy to be there to sing together at the time of the performance. Some choir members made a day of it arriving hours before the performance and this concert featured members from a lot of local choirs and it took some time for the members to get into position in their harmony parts! Friends and family of the choir members filled the audience, creating an atmosphere of warmth and support. The choir performed songs from their recent repertoire such as ‘I just haven’t met you yet’ by Michael Buble and ‘Wake Me Up before you Go Go’ by Wham. Many thanks go to the prefects who were there on the day helping.

Performance location: 10 Castle Way, Wellingborough NN8 1XA

Price: FREE

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About the choir

The Northampton AM & PM Higham Ferrers Market Harborough choirs are a huge part of their community. The local choirs are led by local vocal tutor Dave Easter.

Like what you see? You too can join the choir in Northampton AM & PM Higham Ferrers Market Harborough or our other choirs across the whole of the UK to make new friends, have adventures and get involved in singing locally. Rock Choir is a winner of the Red Ribbon ‘Big Heart’ Award. and holds 1 former and 2 current Guinness World Records. The choir is also credited with single handedly starting the contemporary choir movement.

Here’s a quote about the choir – ‘Since joining the Rock Choir, not only have I made some amazing new friends but I’ve found that my weekly singing sessions on a Monday evening start the week on a positive note and any tensions that may have occurred on a Monday morning disappear! – it’s a great mood reviver and I love the challenge of attempting to hit those high notes!’ – Lynn (Rock Choir member)

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